The Dutch bank ABN AMRO, recently announced that is developing a Bitcoin wallet to its customers which will have access once it is established. This decision was taken after obtaining the results of a survey which was made to its customers about the interest of Bitcoin.

The survey conducted by the bank wanted to know if Bitcoin users in the Netherlands prefer to use a Wallet created by the bank or not. It is no surprise that the bank wishes to carry out this type of service since some time it has been working with exploration of Blockchain. Notably, with the creation of this new Bitcoin wallet the bank could gain even more customers, offering them a way to store not only fiat currency, but also digital currencies like Bitcoin.

According to the announcement of ABN AMRO they have plans to offer Bitcoin wallets in a secure environment. It will also provide a unified approach to the Dutch Bank ABN AMRO customers to manage all their finances instead. All transactions and from the Bitcoin wallet ABN get over their own website and applications, which allows the bank to include Bitcoin transactions in the customer account statements.

This service is not yet available.

Image:  pixabay

Source:  newsbtc



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