Zapchain closes its doors after August 31st


Zapchain is a social network where users join a community to discuss issues about virtual reality, astronomy, Bitcoin, among other topics of interest related to technology. This company obtained some income due to clearance doubts coming from its users, however; this platform after being so successful, announced its closure, which will be effected this August 31st.

It was founded by Adam and Matt McKenna Schlicht, the platform became very popular because it’s interactive. However attraction seems to have lost time, records and interactions within this were in decline ever, expectations became increasingly negative. The lack of additional funding is also attributed to the decision of the platform to close their doors.

Representatives of the platform still not give more information about its closure. They have been limited only to invite their users to withdraw their funds from the page. There are speculations about Adam McKenna plans to create a new content and monetization of an exchange platform. The new platform can be powered by some elements of the original platform ZapChain. There’s no specific information available in this regard yet.

With the announcement of its closure, ZapChain enter the long list of new Bitcoin copanies had to make this difficult decision due to a number of circumstances. There is a number of platforms based on content monetization criptocoins emerging these days. Steemit is a platform that is currently enjoying the glory.

Image: zapchain

Source: newsbtc 

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