XAPO enables the Bitcoin buying with Bolivares to venezuelan users.


Venezuelan society lives great uncertainty moments in all social strata, this unease is reflected towards; economy, politics, education, human relations, among others, the population does not know what will happen tomorrow, if information in the media is sought, it is likely that anxiety increases, by the events recounted, there is no consensus as for the possibility of building a country that can live in calm, as this happens the worker who is the final consumer,  it can be seen that wages deteriorates every day.

But I have some good news; in a press release the Exchange XAPO, which is characterized by its Wallet Bitcoin has just informed to its customers in Venezuela that can now buy digital currency and pay in bolivares for it, it was enabled an account in Banesco Bank, deposits and transferences will be received in this to make the purchases.

According to XAPO, now Venezuelans can buy bitcoin and pay in Bolivars (BsF), opening purchase orders between 25,000 to 3,000,000, BsF, the exchange will allow deposit or transfer from all banks in the country into Banesco Banco Universal accounts, also from the moment you open an order the live Chat is enabled.

In Venezuela there are several Exchanges as Cryptobuyer, World of digital assets, Bitcoin, Dash. It also works Yabit, it menas that it is a reality the possibility of investing the uncommitted surpluses family to protect themselves from inflation in Venezuela, the important thing is to study, educate yourself on this new technology before making an investment, you can start with small amounts, then experience is gained her look will change, as to the real possibilities.

Since 2009 when it made its appearance on Bitcoin attached to the blockchain technology, it has created solutions and applications that can make easier to hedge against inflation, this is a path that must be traveled, but there are possibilities to overcome uncertainty and restore hope to the new youths are the ones who make the decisions and there is no time for regrets.

Is it possible to build a society full of opportunities?

This is one of many questions, the answer may be in each of the individuals now in Venezuela it seems that this possibility disappears very quickly, if we review or exemplifie better with a little story how it has evolved one of the great evils of consumer in the country, as is inflation, it is possible to understand this phenomenon, in 1977, an average worker could save for six months followed by an effort and collect the down payment of a jeep Nissan Patrol 1976 model, the initial one was for that time 7,000 bs of the old ones, the worker accessed to the meeting for the credit requirements, then it was paying 600 bs monthly  for 5 years or less and canceling its debt, meaning that you could access to credit and a well to destine the Heritage family, purchasing power was a reality.

If we make another mental effort, we can move to the year 1987, a house in the Aragua state in the population of Turmero, the construction company was private and this had a cost of 250,000 bs, it was accessible to credit with an initial of 50.000bs, to be saved or asked for social benefits, plus savings “savings Bank” where weekly or biweekly discounts a payroll deposited more than what the company deposited, as a right of the Collective Agreement, the end is that the house was bought, then was paid for 20 years, the monthly installment began with 1,800 bs, no more than 30% of the accrued monthly if increases were received or is climbing position within the organization could pay to Capital to lower debt and pay in less time, that was a reality, it means that there was purchasing power.

It is important to note that the two stories are true, those can be corroborated, a wage worker could access to credit easily, family wealth increased, new wealth was generated, it means that the economy at that time was normal, then came a series of disastrous events such as the bankruptcy of many banks, the bailout, the state helped banks with more resources, but that money disappeared, the economy was disrupted and a spiral of inflation product of started bad practice, in this article there is no space to analyze in detail; what is certain is that who pays the consequences is the working people, professional, all engaged in economic activity, there are plenty of vivid examples int their own flesh and we could deploy to understand the great evil that inflation is; whatever; induced, caused, manufactured, built, among other forms, which can not be allowed is that this snatches dreams to new generations, that when they hear these realities, they say, that means I can not buy a home?, A vehicle?, ejoy a trip?. The answers are left into limbo unfortunately.

Reference: XAPO

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