United States Health Department choose 15 Blockchain Aplications To be Aplied into Health Sector


The Health Depertment and the National Coordinator of Information Technology, Health and Human Services Office, announced the winners of more than 70 individuals from organizations and companies; exponents presented their projects related to Blockchain Applications which could be used in the health sector of the US and thus protect, manage and electronically exchange information pertaining to the named sector.

This institution selected as winners 15 contestants, the criteria used was very rigorous, projects should make recommendations for market viability of the proposal, creativity, ability to inform, promote transformational change in the health sector, and great potential to support a number of national objectives of health information and health.

The winners were:

  • Blockchain and Health IT: Algorithms, Privacy and Data [PDF – 507 KB]: A peer-to-peer network that allows parties to store and analyze data with total privacy that could enhance medical and precision of clinical research trialsand . Authors: Ackerman Shrier A, Chang A, Diakun-thibalt N, L Forni, Landa F, J Mayo, Van Riezen R, Hardjono, T. Organization: Draft PharmOrchard Experimental Learning MIT “MIT FinTech. Future Trade”

  • Blockchain: Protecting a new health Interoperability Experience [PDF – 609 KB]: Blockchain technologies solutions that can support many existing health business processes, improve data integrity and enable interoperability to scale for the exchange of information, monitoring of patients, identity assurance and validation. Authors: Brodersen C, Kalis B, Mitchell E, E Pupo, Triscott A. Organization: Accenture LLP

  • Blockchain Technologies: A white paper that discusses how the claims process can be improved [PDF – 1 MB]. Smart contracts, Blockchain and other technologies that can be combined into a platform for radical improvements in the claims process and improve the experience of health care for all stakeholders. Author: Culver K. Organization: Unaffiliated

  • Blockchain: Opportunities for health [PDF – 787 KB]. Submission of an application framework and Blockchain business for use as part of health information exchange to meet national health objectives. Authors: RJ Krawiec, Barr D, K Killmeyer, Filipova M, A Nesbit, Israel, Quarre F, K Fedosva, Tsai L. Organization: Deloitte Consulting LLP

For more information on the winners you can read the following Report

The national coordinator of this project indicated:

“We are thrilled by the incredible amount of interest in this challenge. While many know about Blockchain technology’s uses for digital currency purposes, the challenge submissions show its exciting potential for new, innovative uses in health care.”

The remaining presentations will be published in HealthIT.gov on the first day of National Health Week on September 26, 2016, the same week the workshop entitled “Uses of Blockchain Health and Research” event promoted be held by ONC in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States.

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