Moscow includes Blockchain technology in its government system.


The Department of Technology Information Moscow is willing to implement and put into practice the Blockchain technology in its “Active Citizenship” project. This initiative aims to include citizens in making some decisions in the city.

Andrei Belozerov who was director of this department announced his desire to apply Blockchain technology  in this project:

“Moscow is ready to be a platform to see the use of blockchain technology. We are offering the “Active Citizen” project, as a pilot project.  On the one hand, we want to pilot the technology and understand how it is able to function for such an application. On the other, we want to shake off the skepticism [of the Active Citizen project] on the part of the citizens.”

What he calls “skepticism” is because citizens do not feel safe about this application, which can be accessed via smartphones and website. This allows citizens to review, surveys and answer questions about the good or bad performance of the services in the city, what gives the government 15 days to respond to the wishes of citizens.

However this project has just received bad reviews by the use mode that has been given. A citizen from Moscow opined, Another initiative of the new government team, a website and smartphone application called “Active citizen”, billed as letting user “directly influence government decisions”, asks users to choose names for new parks or the color of new stadium seats, ignoring such important problems as widening of toll parking zones, closure of hospitals, toll city entrance for private transport, and the need for special car lanes for state lawmakers.

Another reason why the project had poor receptivity was supposedly beacuse the votes were changed, which is why we have now considered the Blockchain trusted technology as a way for citizens. The idea is that citizens digitally sign their vote to then be uploaded in the Blockchain.

Belozerov added that Sberbank, Russia ‘s largest bank; was interested in joining the project to be one of the centers in which the digitized signatures steps to be implemented. Since this is a gesture of enthusiasm to technology Bolozerov ended a book revealing how public accounting bring transparency to the whole process. Consequently, any Blockchain member have the means to check every vote and the determination of the votation results.

Image: Pixabay

Source: CCN.LA

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