Confiscated in Finland around 1 million Euros in Bitcoin


Custom Finnish Representatives revealed that they have seized in a raid about 1 million euros, furniture and drugs in Bitcoin. All this in order to give a blow to the black market via web.

Among the seized drugs are about 40 pounds of powdered drugs, more than 40,000 tablets of ecstasy, LSD 30,000 chips, a variety of designer drugs and pure methamphetamine. All this amount of substances were seized by three Finnish individuals trying to introduce them to the country. These men are in prison since April this year, these drugs were sold through a website called “Valhalla” which provides services since 2013.

The case in Finnish is related to the previous version of the site called Silk Road. Both websites are executed through the Tor browser, usually used to explore the Deep Web and on both page using Bitcoin as a payment method in drug transactions. Thanks to the nature of the Tor browser the user and the supplier are in total anonymity.

According to the statement of representatives of the customs:

“The suspects are about 30 years old and a native of southwest Finland and the Helsinki metropolitan area. Customs has made the investigation of the case [in] co-operation with the Netherlands, the US Germany, Latvian authorities and Europol.”

The website running for the purchase of these substances appears to have risen its prominence in 2014. Investigations still continue, it is not a finished issue a verdict in relation to this case, however it is speculated that  it will be given in September.


Source: Coindesk

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