Coinbase offers debit and credit card payments to all its customers in Europe


Coinbase is a wallet and digital currency platform where consumers and businesses can conduct transactions with new digital currencies such as Bitcoin and ethereum, it is headquartered in San Francisco, Claifornia, USA. This time the platform seeks to immerse themselves in new markets seeking their passion in these crossed the implementation of new features and benefits in improving their services.

Recently it announced the inclusion of payments with debit and credit for its European customers. This new offer is due to the success of this dynamic in the US since 40% of the purchase of the criptocoins arre made through debit and credit cards which is why they are interested in repeating the formula in Europe and get the same success.

At first Coinbase only admitted credit card payments, early in 2016 it allowed payments with debit cards which further increased sales of digital currencies and acceptance of the platform by users. Due to the success of this mechanism it was extended to Singapore and Canada.

As the company continues its expansion wave, Coinbase is currently available in 33 countries worldwide, including Canada, Singapore and Australia where the platform provides a single option: “Buy”. In order to use the card payment option, the user has to navigate to the section of payment methods both on the web and mobile applications and select the card payment.

Image: coinbase


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