Users evaluate Bitcoin’s platforms usage

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The bitcoin digital currency users has been in the embarrassment of facing different problems about identity theft and keys theft; knowing the history of this company users are confused about whether or not to use digital wallet.

Since Bitfinex is not only the largest bag largest transaction in dollars, but also attacks indicate that the industry did not solve fundamental safety issues, despite last years learning from their mistakes and improve their infrastructure.

After the most recent attack considered “impossible” just a year ago bitcoin lawyers are rushing to find solutions. Some argue that current technology is strong enough to keep out hackers. But must implement it better. For example, individuals can protect themselves by storing bitcoins in individual wallets instead of the bags which remain targeted.

It does not mean that the security of platforms were users save their bitcoins has not gone far thanks to the efforts of thousands of people who work and volunteer to improve digital currency, if implemented security strategies. It has also been strengthened the platform, however; they develop their cunning hackers daily.

References: Entorno Inteligente

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