The website alerts its users to be cautious when updating the Bitcoin Core software

The Bitcoin working mechanism establishes a solid safety record. This project is considered as one of the largest in the distributed computing world. It’s good to say that security breaches were detected in the system and that these are resolved as the work flows to get to the root of the problem. The most common vulnerability is the fault of the user who largely takes responsibility when entering to the monetary system, reason why this financial resource follows security protocols by updating its software.



The website has alerted its users with a message urging to be careful when updating their software, “ has the suspect that binary for the upcoming release of Bitcoin Core will probably be led by state-sponsored attackers as a website. does not have the technical resources to ensure that we can defend ourselves from attackers of this caliber. We ask the Bitcoin community and particularly China Bitcoin community to be more vigilant when downloading binaries from our website” as the UK website Business Insider recounted.

What is Bitcoin Core?

The Bitcoin Core is the source code of Bitcoin and is the reference implementation of the Bitcoin network. The changes that are implemented in the Bitcoin Core were proposed by all computer programmers who wanted to. Currently, there is a large community of developers. To know their names or pseudonyms as well as the amount of change that each of them has been implementing, this is the only program that implements the Bitcoin protocol seeking to protect the network.

Business Insider goes on to relate that collaborator is concerned that these binaries can be addressed, “If an attacker could intercept and modify a file secretly, it could endanger users who unwittingly install the attacker that could potentially steal bitcoins from the victims, or use its machine in a “fit of 51%” which tries to take control of most of the Bitcoin network.

There is no word about the evidence behind the suspicions of taxpayer, nor do we know which country is behind the next alleged attack or what their ultimate goal is.

“In such a situation, not being careful before downloading binaries could result in loss of all your coins” the site says. “This malicious software can also cause your computer to participate in attacks against Bitcoin network. We believe that the Chinese services such as football pools and exchanges are most at risk here because of the origin of the attackers.”

This whole situation creates uncertainty for users of the currency although there is no evidence of a possible attack, they should make their previsions.

Source: Business Insider

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