Ethereum project has Great Potential in South America


The action scope of a technology that provides security, transparency, data tenure, free public audit, among others, is a comparative advantage for emerging companies, from any country or continent, in this trend blockchain and bitcoin appear; it is not a promise is a reality at that point is South America, with vast mineral and natural resources to exploit and elevate the life quality for all.

It is for this reason that tests are given as South America picks projects as ethereum a sample of it is in products like the Argentine wine or woods from Brazil where for marketing, entrepreneurs create distributed applications on blockchain ethereum also, one of the largest banks in Brazil recently built a smart contract designed to automate part of the process by which the company is helped by the public computing ecosystem; also other companies in Chile are working to help scale the blockchain using the Inter-Planetary file system (IPFS), on the other hand Nicaragua is in the construction of a secure identity system by using Ricardian Contracts. There is therefore a search for solutions through this technology.

The leader in these solutions is ConsenSys; blockchain specialist based in New York one of its representatives Daniel Novy, reports that Brazil surprised by the speed with which the country has adopted a diverse set of ethereum applications. At first took some acceptance of technology today it has already improved the design initially had.

As for acceptance, many companies are inclined to ethereum by the possibility of building smart contracts; there are already several major banks that are exploring the application of blockchain technology and one of the most advanced projects is the Bovespa stock exchange based in Sao Paulo is currently building a smart contract prototype that will automate part of the process with which the Bovespa Company goes to the stock exchange these are steps that are being gradually until reaching a certain consolidation.

At present, the StartUp ConsenSys and the Bovespa financial group are looking for new approaches to develop new projects in order to show the potential of the technology; as happened in June this year when the company timber BVRio announced that it will use the Novy’s Regis tool for building decentralized records to help trace the origins of the timber extracted from the Amazon rainforest and other parts of the region; it means that it will build a home record to wood from the Novy’s Regis tool can record information identifying the timber using the blockchain ethereum. The company BVRio can attest to the legality of the product starting with the harvest to his office which hopes the company is raising its position as an efficient provider that fulfills the Law. This project is about to be placed in operation shortly.

Moreover, Argentina has had little blockchain acceptance with a high rate of inflation which helped investors to take refuge in the security provided by technology and it was the first accepting bitcoin. Also; It has not stopped experimenting with ethereum.

In this regard, in Argentina the Cora company whose founder is Lucas Abihaggle was formedt and was associated with Daniel Novy expect form the integration and monitoring of the best land for planting vines; they want to organize a community to buy valuable vineyards and tokenize planting. Each plant has a value and to preserve with good yields and not let destroy them for the construction of real estate.

On the other hand they are developing projects in Chile and Nicaragua, in Santiago de Chile, Hernán INFURA Junge is leading a project as a tool for developers with the aim of raising awareness of the ethereum infrastructure.

Similarly in Nicaragua, it has been working with the project of mobile services for UPort led by Pelle Braendgaard, this is based on Ricardian style Contracts with the idea of helping to ensure the identity of objects, vehicles, among others, is as its self-sovereign identity which is owned claims to be it is certified through the blockchain is to put all the energy that comes out of technology for preservation. There is a great collaboration between companies technology and the governments concerned.


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