Germans certify that bitcoin is leading to success


After a study conducted by BearPointStudy it was found that payment methods with digital currencies are booming in Germany. According to the results 72% of respondents said they have heard about Bitcoin as payment alternative; therefore 80% said that they know what it is or they have used before.

Germans have shown the world that are the cradle of the unknown and new; while others are wary about the negative problems that new projects can take root. They only think about how productive it can become after learning about this tool cunningly. The survey found that mobile payments representing 13% are still ahead and much more used in Germany compared with Bitcoin. Unlike online bank transferences these represent 84%.

However; while Bitcoin is still behind other payment methods from the 5% it can be considered a decent market fee for digital currency. According to BearPointStudy they believe that the widespread of Bitcoin use will rise rapidly. This feeling is shared by respondents of the survey. Consequently; 43% said that further development was needed, 52% said they would use bitcoin in the future.

Germany has witnessed as Berlin and Munich, and they become centers of new bitcoin companies, helping to fund research projects of financial crimes in Austria and cooperates with Canada; which saw two countries making a Blockchain pgo, that ripple took about 20 seconds. As the country continues adopting Bitcoin and its technology use, they could end up becoming known as the bitcoin events center.

References: cryptocoinnews

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