Unocoin will develop a mobile application for Apple and Android



The exchange giant Unocoin based in India has announced that it would launch an application for Apple and Android with which they can exchange bitcoins from the cell phone through a series of operations which the application owns.

The Bitcoin trading platform called Unocoin has exposed as one of its main objectives that residents in India could make a great use of the currency and thus attract more customers as it seeks to implement the innovative proposal from a global perspective.

According to the official report, the application will consist of a TouchID function. The key to safety and one-touch button dedicated to Bitcoin sale or purchase. The BTC dashboard houses and the user wallet INR and has a 24 hours of interactive price chart timeline.

Apple is one of the innovation leaders with outstanding technological equipment with their respective operating systems (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, iOS, OS X, watchOS and more) and this time is going though talks with Unocoin to include the application in the mobile service store.

In view of Abhinand Kaseti, Unocoin’s co-founder and CMO “We wanted to be sure that we are offering a seamless user experience for our customers. We have built from scratch with the goal of making the bitcoin application easier to the world.”

In April of this year, Unocoin announced the launch of a POS mobile application, called “Unocoin POS” for both Android and iOS devices which would make easier for physical stores in India to accept bitcoin for products as Econotimes website tells.

From Unocoin; experts will ensure that Bitcoin technology has the potential to provide sustainable solutions and more practical financial options in all regions of India despite the instability that currency has had in recent days.

It’s important to say that Unocoin has provide its services in India since 2013 characterized by the purchase, sale, shipping, receiving and storage of bitcoins safely and reliably also working on implementing technologies for users to access the virtual currency in an easiest way.

Source: News BTC

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