Vanbex and NetCents partner to bid Blockchain amongst Canadian Banks.


NetCents is a payment technology company that offers to its consumers and traders an online service management of eletronic payments through a variety of payment methods by its processing platform.

Clayton Moore, NetCentsTechnology Inc. CEO and founder said, “By integrating Genisys with NetCents now we will be able to start introducing the next generation of processing for outdated banking financial transactions, offering a solution that will upgrade the current platform bank transferences”.

While Vanbexa through its payment system Genesys allows users to send financial messages worldwide to any banking partner through blockchain unique messages, messages that are created by the user for safety as well as existing financial messages, as the International Organization for Standardization and SWIFT. It replaces the existing financial infrastructure and replaced by a more secure, efficient and cost effective solution.

Kevin Hobbs, Vanbex Group CEO said, “We believe that working with a brand internationally recognized and accepted as NetCents will help to set Genisys and NetCents at global payments forefront”.

This time these two platforms announce their alliance to an agile financial services platform, which will work together to provide the technology Blockchain to different commercial banks within the Canadian territory.

This union allows companies to use their strengths in order to develop next generation of financial transactions using the Blockchain technology, this has the potential to replace more than $ 30 billion a year financial transactions that currently processes the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

NetCents will be the product of Genisys of VanbexGroup integration a blockchain-integrated payment platform that provides a messaging system transaction key profitable to hand-border payments, to work together with SWIFT and the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) protocols.

NetCents works together with financial partners, mobile operators and bags, to update the user experience in online transactions. The firm announced that the company recently started beta testing on its platform gateway payment, e-commerce application that processes and authorizes secure credit cards transactions, both digital and traditional fiat currency as well as PayPal and Apple payment for merchants.

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