Electronic payments come along with a number of mechanisms that are flexible and that are both prepared to explore options within an environment that has to adjust to changes in local, regional and global normativity, as a serious method that allows mobility of users on the web; everything related to electronic payments is accompanied by the user provided information to suppliers of the financial electronic  field, as collateral for various transactions.


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At present, due to the electronic commerce and financial activities emergence through the Internet it is important to highlight the security issue when performing such tasks as there are so-called “hackers” who steal classified information to commit online scams. Most financial entities, related to banking and electronic commerce emphasize that you should not provide information to third parties, to avoid such events.

In this same vein, connoisseurs and promoters subscribe to serious topic recommend sites that allow the products payment or purchase online services enjoyment. There may be mentioned sites like electronic gifts cards or bitcoins that do not harm the privacy of its users and work in progress to maintain privacy in daily actions of each one.

Anonymous payments require corporations or companies liability and must be secured to the continuous “hackers” attacks as a focal point for such attacks aimed at stealing information is initially to the same database.

The promotion of electronic payments has had a significant impact on society, as it is evident at first glance the advancement of technology, some examples for useful activities to the service, quality and unfortunately for the development of other illegal activities.  Making electronic payments is positive, as they are designed to make economic measures practical; it is good to set in context Bitcoin as a virtual currency who supports the safety and anonymity of its users.

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