Can we Say Goodbye to network congestion?


Modern society, in an effort to mark the courses that are to follow place trends categories; these arise from the same society, others on the contrary are imposed either by a philosopher thought or arises from man imagination, this seems to be a need for some developers to form communities where collaborative work frees them of the charges that they cannot do alone, therefore the sharing economy that tries to develop arises.

In this sense, in the developer’s community, sharing economy called “peer-to-peer economy”, is coordinated and is ultimately a social economic ecosystem, forged in the human and material resources exchange; it is seen as a winning services economy which could bring great benefits to social groups. It is huge the power that is applied in the internet economy field, is like an explosion within the social economy that can bring great benefits.

Of course, if we consider that in the modern social environment almost everyone travels on the Internet where there is heavy congestion, you can do an exercise with just remembering who has not stood with the desire to open a page or when an online video is downloaded and the system traffic information collapses, it happens often.

It does not matter what type the network congestion is, It is very unpleasant for the user and this is not tolerated in a society where time is pure gold, every second counts. Therefore, the high cost to maintain in good condition CDN service costs money and sometimes to priority clients.

In this particular huge investments in financial resources and designs are made, but the problem has not been solved. Now free trade platform BlockCDN arises, this is very efficient and users can possibly say goodbye to network congestion. Of couse the BlockCDN creation was run on blockchain technology; by this application global Internet users can share their idle equipment as nodes storage through the cache data and provide data upload services for users that require cloud and obtain an economic benefit as appropriate.

BlockCDN has three major advantages. Allows BlockCDN nodes, participants can help with their machine resources based on the methodology of collaborative consumption, BlockCDN does not only awares of the proper use of resources and moderately help solve network congestion, also the nodes participants obtain intended Walett benefits by doing nothing. Moreover, this collaborative consumption specific model execution is aligned with the individual’s economic thinking in modern society.

Also BlockCDN can save a lot of costs to the website, therefore BlockCDN is a market CDN (Content Delivery Network), content delivery network; therefore it is completely transparent, open, and fair, equally participants and web sites owners can do business freely, fairly and transparently among the actors. Also they can save costs up to 90% of what it would cost to accelerate the website, to obtain a better and CDN fast service.

It should be noted that the BlockCDN market ability is very large and the future very promising. The creation of a token-BCDN is expected for BlockCDN development on a global level, this way the payment problem amongst the nodes and user’s participants that require acceleration services to each transaction will be solved.

According to market growth and CRC expectations, there is a BCDN constant amount and these will be distributed in a global market of $ 12 billion, therefore the BCDN value will be incalculable.

Doing some analogy, the DIDI rise as automated transport system goes in a slow rise compared to Uber with its blue color and is considered as a good example of sharing p2p successful practice, as an inexpensive and quick way to relation the share market in the taxi transport industry in big cities, however BlockCDN is a trade platform and is one of the latest business models.

In summary, BlockCDN deeply implements the exchange of the economy in the internet field and wants to bring revolution in an impactful way to the CDN industry; it is like a newborn, wait surprise, seeing is believing.


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