Blockai offers copyright registration services for free


Blockcai is a company that developed a service for the  copyright registration that Blockchain uses  for this procedure, it will be free and will allow artists to protect their works digitally.

The contained record is huge. The challenge arises because the Internet has triggered countless works on a creative level and requires a system that secures these works, and Blockai has raised this as their main objective.

Nathan Lands Blockai’s CEO said,”We are developing artificial intelligence to create fingerprints for all those works that are copyrighted, to protect them and ensure that the artist receives a financial reward”. 

It also indicates that is similar to Youtube verification system but covering the entire internet. At the beginning of this project you will be recording images and start recording videos, music and all that work that requires copyright but only in the short term.

Note that this service is free, this kind of copyright registration services  is usually very cumbersome, expensive and takes a long time, so Blockai has decided that this copyright can be registered free of charges to all the concerned.

Image: pixabay
Source: cryptocoinsnews
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