A man was robbed in Florida while trying to buy Bitcoins


A 32 years old man named Steve Manos was the victim of a robbery. He was robbed by two men when he tried to buy $ 28,000 in Bitcoins, this event occurred in Lake Worth in Florida USA on Sunday night.

Steve made an appointment with two individuals, with whom he had already negotiated on other occasions for the Bitcoin sale, at that time he decided to meet with the two men in a market parking lot in West Palm Beach. According to police reports Steve’s allegedly selling started in his car, where one of the guys sat in the passenger seat with a laptop in which it was intended to transfer while the other man sat in the seat rear just behind Steve.

At the moment Steve delivered a gift bag with 28 packages of $ 1,000 each one, the man who was in the front seat pulls out a knife and placed it on Steve’s chest threatens and warns him about theft.

Andre Allen is one of the involved in the robbery and he is 34 years old, he was arrested the next day and faces charges of theft and robbery, he is detained in a prison in Palm Beach County with a $ 31,000 bail.

Note that this man was arrested as Steve Hands “I provide photos and phone numbers which were used to realize the alleged Bitcoin transfer which were linked directly with Andre Allen to the local police”

Image: pixabay

Source: cryptocoinsnews, https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/bitcoin-buyer-robbed-28000-knifepoint/

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