Steemit protects your user accounts and recommends new passwords after being hacked


Steemit the social media platform based on Blockchain was the victim of a cyber attack which was foiled. They had committed more than 250 accounts with their respective balances. This was announced by Ned Scott CEO. also it indicates that nearly $ 85,000 Steem may have been stolen.

They had revealed that all accounts will be allowed the restructuration of their passwords in the coming days. He insists that the hack was arrested and users will not be affected: “The attack was already contained. User accounts and portfolios are not in risk and we hope  to reactivate the Steemit website soon in the normal order. Any users whose accounts have been committed will be fully refunded.”

The chief executive also had optional security advice for all Steemit users after the incident. He claimed… “For all Steemit users: If you have not already done it, please reset your account passwords. We ask you to ensure tha teveryone’s account are safe. Remember that each account has 3 keys: an owner key, an active key, and a posting key. We recommend choosing passwords improvements.

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