Blockchain announces the creation of the new Bitcoin ATM “Bit Teller”



Blockchain has already announced the launch of its new Bitcoin ATM called BitTller this in due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. It has been concluded with this project that aims to allow users to make purchases of BTC easily and safely. This ATM is portable and easy portability. The owner of this device can be alerted via email notifications for issues such as a low balance, system errors and daily states reports.

It is recommended the machine to be kept in a secure place and under the supervision of the holder or owner. It also warns to ensure the ATM in case of getting stolen. This device is useful for university Bitcoin groups, cafes, shops, restaurants, amongst others. It is basically a portable ATM to purchase Bitcoin in any location for the convenience that it has being portable. BitTeller is currently configured to process Bitcoin.

Blockchain Inovations built a custom unit for any alt-currency that supports or provides a compatible version of your bitcoin wallet. This includes almost any mainstream alt-currency including: LTC , DUX , DASH , TSI , ETH , BOX, ION , XEM , FCT , XRP , NXT , PPC, XLM , and more.

Currently BitTeller version 1.0 only accepts a coin but, version 2.0 will include support for multiple currencies. All v1 BitTeller are fully upgradeable to the version 2.0 software updates when that version is available. To request a BitTeller with a currency different to Bitcoin please contact support before ordering to ensure we can complete your order.


•Bills Acceptor
•500 bills stacker
•Acceptance rate greater than 95% (Including Account Insertion Second dismissed)
•Approximately 20 counts per minute
•4X models accepts $ 1- $ 20 bills
•Model 6X accepts 1 $ – 100 $ bills

Physical box dimensions.

•H: 11.575 “~ 11.5”
•W: 6.213 “~ 6.25”
•D: 7.5 “

Screen Size: 7 “IPS screen (171 ppi / 1024 x 600) Processor: 1.3 GHz quad-core

Power Requirements: 110V AC power connection

Connectivity requirements: Wifi is required

Admin options:

•Email notifications for: low balance, system error, daily state.
•Configurable price
•Configurable purchase amount.
•Configurable owner’s information.
•Private backup key
•Device Update Management
•Wallet deposit and Balance Sheet Management
•Transaction history
•Application’s password management.
•Selecting the type of currency
•Security Features
•Steel case
•Lock case
•Optional cable lock ( + $ 30)

Other Options:

Here are some additional options being considered:

•Coins outside the United States.
•steel support
•Security cable lock
•Colored cases
•3G hotspot


Source:, bitteller.

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