Argentina dominates Bitcoin, according to prices report.


The Bitcoin low 5% this Saturday noon. Being this a temporary drop because the same rise about $20. This was not a great joy but caused a relief amongst cryptocurrency users  because of noticing that the value of this didn´t continue descending. In 2012 half Bitcoin suffered a fall which meant that many people despaired but, not knowing that a few days later this would a dramaticly increase.

“The halving impact  is not based on size, is based on the profitability margin,” -Erik Voorhees

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, the “dial-a-ride” service UBER faces opposition from whose are accussing of operating without permissions or tax identification numbers. Demands are regularly attributed to this service, and some credit card companies have blocked UBER payments.

UBER wants to stay in business and that is why security founds Bitcoin debit cards, and turn customers so they can use them to make rides. The card is not used locally, rather, transactions take place outside Gibraltar, an area that can not monitor or block UBER payments. The process to obtain a card is easy and the company has already seen several customer requests.

Anni Rautio, XAPO Manager states, “All you have to do is set your XAPO and receive your card at home, and is ready to use… This is a very specific situation with a very specific problem and a very specific solution… Since last week all UBER users in Argentina have been able to use their XAPO Bitcoin debit cards to pay for their UBER rides… This is a victory for all local UBER users, drivers and UBER as a company as they are able to continue operations in Argentina through XAPO debit cards. ”

This is why Bitcoin has joined victory in financial independence handling in Argentina.

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Source: bitcoinist

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