US Secret Service Agent could have stolen bitcoins in the silk road case


The United States Secret Service agent who was accused of stealing money in the Silk Road  is suspected of stealing even more money related to the case. These statements were given in the California state court.

The agent named Shaun Bridges could have kept a password that allowed access to the portfolio that contained the Bitcoins, the judicial authority realized this timely and rebuked the agency for which the funds transferred to another portfolio.

The investigator in the document said, “Unfortunately, the United States Secret Service did not move the funds and then these were stolen, something that wasn’t known until a court ordered to pay some of the money stolen from those affected by the case”.

Bitcoins were stolen in July 2015 and it was not until December that they discovered the theft. The bridges were rearrested in February after suspicions that he was trying to flee the US Court documents filed later this month. The US government suggested that Bridges was being investigated additionally for another Bitcoin theft .

Image: pixabay

Source: coindesk

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