Blockchain Technology Conquer New Spaces for Business


In recent days, Blockchain Intelligence Group announced the upgrade of its platform to allow potential investors the opportunity to buy actions using bitcoins, managing to raise in a short time an investment amounting of 100,000 U.S. dollars through the cryptocurrency.

According to the company, the minimum amount accepted will be 15 Bitcoins, likewise, Lance Morginn, Blockchain Intelligence Group CEO, said that the benefits afforded to his company allows investment through the bitcoin, “With no transaction fees or intermediary banking red tape slows the process down, we should really hope to see some new types of investors taking an interest.”

At the same time, Shone Anstey, Blockchain Intelligence Group President said “We consider ourselves pioneers in allowing investment for shares via bitcoin”.

The company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is dedicated to developBlockchain technology solutions, search and data analysis, the platform is intended to point Governments and companies to Fortune 1000 doing business in the security, finance, and e-commerce sectors.

Between the services offered by the company, it includes real time search and data analysis for companies needing to verify quickly and safely the business-critical information. In addition it has an API and a visual interface easy to use, wich provides quick access to the data as needed. Supplying all the information instantly facilitates the processes to investment firms or individuals who want to invest in securities values, taking serious the variables that require not making mistakes when it comes to invest in financial resources. It also has a system called Bitrank, which carried out the risk assessment in real time to determine the relative safety of their pending transactions.

When investors want to distribute their financial resources in a wallet of investment or another title, much security is needed; the company can process this vast amount of information through Blockchain technology and offer it to the client to make the final decision.

Every day, companies found new niches to invest with much creativity and ingenuity, companies as Blockchain Intelligence Group makeBlockchain technology use, it can offer to individual investors or community to make right decisions the services in real-time, based in lessen the risks.


Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes information only, information does not constitute an investment advice or an offer to invest. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent infocoinviews and should not be attributed to Infocoin.

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