Bitcoin and Blockchain Courses Arrive to Brazil

Saturday, July 2 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, specifically the Delta Business Center it will be teaching a course on Bitcoin and Blockchain analysis in order to inform and train further to the Brazilian community about financial technology and virtual currency.

The course will be taught by Flow BTC, it will have a broad content and cover topics such as:

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Fundamentals.


  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Technical analysis.


  • Study of the currency and Bitcoin future market.


  • Virtual currency analysis and risk management.


  • Bitcoin price volatility.


  • Bitcoin operations Brazil regulatory environment.


  • Bitcoin development study in other countries.



Flow BTC, who has previously taught other courses in this area, on its official website said, “Our course aims to provide the beginner or intermediate student in Bitcoin and trade with all necessary to operate in a market full of opportunities rational and efficient tools. We teach from the basics of sophisticated risk management techniques on the market that are used by professional traders in the stock markets, currencies and commodities.”


Bitcoin’s popularity in Brazil is in constant growth and this is why a high hearing is expected in this course. Registrations are still open for this intensive course that will be held on Saturday, July 02  at the Delta Business Center starting from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Source: FlowBTC

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