US Presidential Candidate Shows her Support to Blockchain Technology

Hillary Clinton, the United States of America presidential candidate has thrown her support behind blockchain technology applications in the public sector. Clinton, who is expected to receive the United States Democratic Party presidential nomination, next month, a technology and an extensive program of innovation in her campaign will be announced  in which argued that United States public policy should include working with blockchain.

One of the Hillary Clinton priorities in this area is to harness the technology power  and innovation to work for all Americans, and achieve the creation of well-paid jobs across the country. This promulgates what welfare social is.

In her campaign is believed,“We must position the US innovators to the top of the world in the next technological revolutions -from autonomous vehicles generation of learning until application of Blockchain public-service and we have to defend universal access to global digital market ideas.”

Moreover, the Clinton campaign has also underlined its commitment to helping new innovation by reducing and challenging regulatory oversight. We’ll see what effect does this have on the upcoming elections and the scope that this statement in financial technology.

Source: Cryptocoinsnews

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