Vanbex Announces Blockchain Projects Launch

The Vanbex professional services firms company founder Lisa Cheng and its CEO Kevin Hobbs announced that the company is working on two new projects based on blockchain.

The company located in Vancouver will launch the first project which is based on Etherparty during the month of August. Etherparty is a product subscription model to facilitate the creation of intelligent Ethereum contracts. It also eliminates the complexity of creating and implementing smart contracts without additional tools required which means no installation of Geth line interface commands or platforms such as meteor or fog. The system will operate in cloud saving template for contracts they are always available and ready to run.descarga

Lisa Cheng about this 1st project This are simple tools to facilitate automation Etherparty allow users to create smart contracts through a simple interface to drag and drop files plug-and-play data which is fed. Etherparty works directly with the Ethereum network so you do not have to wait for the sync software to quickly execute a contract “.

The second project will be built on Genisys and it will be released in this year mid-November. Genisys is a private blockchain solution for financial services and exchange houses. It will offer a message turnkey transaction system for crossborder payments that can be integrated with SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)


“Our goal is to help push emerging technology to progress. This means ease to barriers the use and adoption through intelligent designed products, no matter the scale said Kevin Hobbs,  of the company CEO.

The Vanbex Group is specialized in business development, product marketing and communications for decentralized technology, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Source: Econotimes 

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