The adoption of Bitcoin in Taiwan increased Tourism in the Country

Go or being on vacation is one of the best things you can do in life it means giving your body and mind to a rest period where they can recover energy to begin with more strength what you have to do it also allows you to enjoy cultures, new people and amazing and relaxing places (this if you decide to travel), and it is recommended to travel out of your comfort zone and/or pressure. But one of the problems is traveling to the area where you are going may not be the same currency as your region and often no exchange rates or are extremely high.


Fortunately for those who decide to travel to Taiwan and enjoy the use of virtual currency Bitcoin is not a problem. The country is quite convenient when it comes to using Bitcoin as there are convenience stores where this cryptocurrency payments are accepted.

For travelers that are running out of Bitcoin these convenience stores have a dual purpose. All these places sell Bitcoin in the country in exchange for cash payments. It can not be more convenient than that since no identity checks required for smaller amounts. The Bitcoin is sold in vouchers and can also be purchased online. In fact, you can redeem the voucher for snacks and drinks at the terminals supported too.

6908715_taiwanese-regulators-now-take-a-refrained_cacbfc5a_mTaiwan is becoming a hot spot for Bitcoin travel lovers mainly due to high adoption rates.  But are not solely travelers, even digital currency local use on a regular basis to pay for purchases. People can even go to a supermarket and buy Bitcoin on the counter in Taiwan.

Tourists also have a large list of options when it comes to accommodation. However, there is no luxury hotel listed among these options. These tourist accommodations are more like hostels than hotels.

These factors have been attractive to people who want to visit the country which has brought great tourism and economic growth in Taiwan. Meanwhile Bitcoin continues spreading around the world and increasingly shows that there are no borders to prevent the use of this virtual currency.

Source: The Merkle 

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