Startupbootcamp to the Spanish Fintech


London Accelerator offers a training program for four months in the British capital.

Startupbootcamp, the accelerating technological projects which is one of the best known in the technology ecosystem of London, will travel next June 21 to Madrid to detect the best companies in financial services with strong technological content (Fintech) and offer the possibility to be based for four months to improve their projects.

It is the first time Starupbootcamp travels to Spain to recruit businesses and so far, no Spanish company has been included in the final selection of companies participating in the program.

The Director General of the accelerator, Francisco Lora says: “We would love to recruit Spanish companies. There is a lot of talent and banking has always been very strong in Spain. We look for companies that want to work with the banks. The banks working with young companies have the opportunity to innovate their business while remaining faithful to their culture and way of working.”

Lorca undoubtedly have faith in this search, has also been able to observe the quality of Spanish projects and that is why we have decided to go to them. Although the field of activity of the Fintech is very broad, Lorca recognizes that the management says it is increasingly common to find companies Fintech who want to declare war on major financial institutions and, on the other hand, many believe that collaboration it’s important.

The European Accelerator has published a ranking where Startupbootcamp place as the 4th accelerator investment of Europe.

Source: Ticbeat

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