Political party want Prohibit Bitcoin in France


The far-right political party known as the National French Front, led by Marine Le Pen, recently announced that they were working hard on the prohibition of Bitcoin in that country, and that threatens the traditional and legal currency such as the Euro.

Its representatives argue that virtual currencies and criptomonedas are the consequence of the end of cash, which is a consequence of the capitalist regime, the law working and would wish to impose preventing Bitcoin is used in France.

On the other hand, they want to create a new government agency within the European Union to monitor nobody is using Bitcoin or other virtual currencies. They feel strongly that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are scams.

Despite what members of the National Front may think, banning Bitcoin is impossible and futile effort. The popular cryptocurrency is not limited by the rules and be “allowed” this utilizará.Dicho, the political party will release a detailed economic program on July 29, most, who will talk about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Image: pixabay

Source: newsbtc

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