LinkedIn recognizes its error after security flaw


Recently we reported a story where a hacker was selling more than 100 million of accounts on LinkedIn in the Dark Web. The theft occurred ‘cause a security flaw in systems on LinkedIn in 2012, however, this week the company issued a statement via e-mail to each of their users about what happened. In the release, it can read the next:

May 17, 2016 came to our knowledge that stolen data on LinkedIn in 2012 had been published on the Internet. It was not a security flaw or an act of a new hack. We immediately took measures to override the passwords for all accounts on LinkedIn that we thought it could be in danger. These accounts had been created before the 2012 security flaw and had not restored passwords since then.

In the release, it can see that the company was aware that in 2012 had been pirated, but it was not until 17 may 2016 who decide to override the passwords that could be affected. This may sound irritating to linkedIn users, since they had to spend 4 years so the company took letters on the issue. In addition, the attitude that took linkedIn issued a statement after all this time verges on negligence, since passwords stolen by hackers can be used on other web sites, to steal information from users.

LinkedIn should inform in 2012 to all its users that the web site passwords were committed and that they had to change it immediately, and not only LinkedIn but in all websites where to use the same password to log in to their accounts.  Moreover, information Chief and officer safety Cory Scott, has reported on the official blog linkedIn:

We have demanded that parties cease making stolen password data available and will evaluate potential legal action if they fail to comply. In the meantime, we are using automated tools to attempt to identify and block any suspicious activity that might occur on affected accounts.

All this comes at a bad time for LinkedIn, since its shares are down, they have fallen 40% take place within 119 dollars per share. It seems that the piracy has not influenced in the stock price, however, this fact don’t help to the optimism of investors.

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