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29Online courses have become today a great help to the life of man as they simplifies time, effort and money when trying to learn something new. Recall that the advent of technology mean a huge step towards achieving the development and improve our living standards, and so thinking about the incrementing of knowledge and scope that they can have in a constantly active population like ours, is that it makes possible the advent of virtualized educational implementation, as a result, thousands of users around the world by simply accessing a computer with internet, can nourish healthy their brain with all kinds of knowledge that yearns or required, definitely online courses are a great help to our lives.

Coin Academy is an initiative that offers online courses in very simple and completely free for those interested in the world of cryptocurrency.

The site, in English, has at these times little more than a dozen tutorials for user training who are interested in the new technology.

The creators of the Virtual Academy commented on the creation of it:

“To fill a need that we saw in the market today: a place where people can learn about digital coins and, most importantly, a place without an agenda to promote a particular currency scheme. We are not promoting cryptocurrency, we encourage all of them.”

Among all courses they are:

  • Blockchain and Fintech.
  • Digital coins and social activism.
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies.
  • Property digital currency.
  • Bitcoin tutorials for beginner and intermediate level.
  • Tutorials of Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, among other cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin for traders.
  • Bitcoin for everyone.299

Although this is a simple and with few tools course, it has a great advantage in its favor: It’s free. It can also be very useful, especially for those who start in the world of Bitcoin and other altcoins.

On the website you can see the different courses that the site offers, organized by subject and level, suitable for a variety of audiences.

Source: Coin AcademyDiario Bitcoin

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