Accused of fraud Bitcoin several US security officials


They were accused five officers of the National Guard US to use bitcoin as a resource for identity theft crimes, these crimes were carried out between July 2014 and May 2015. The crimes involved using Bitcoin to buy codes credit card or business people with accounts at Federal credit Union and then encode these cards with codes obtained. These cards were used to buy valuables in exchange service Army Air Force and other stores on military bases.

This crime is being investigated by the working group of identity theft Maryland in cooperation with the chairman of the special corps of Financial Fraud.

Among the accused are: Derrick Shelton 28-year-old James Stewart 25 and Quentin Stewart 28 years. Those who played as members of the national guard, awarded to the District of Columbia. They are also involved, but in a different case, but associated with Bitcoin, Vincent Grant and Jamal Moody, who decodification credit and debit cards in your name with more than 100 codes acquired illegally using Bitcoin.

To date Shelton, J. Stewart, Q. Stewart and Grant are still awaiting sentencing, the first three could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison and a minimum of 2 years. While Grant could be sentenced to 7 years of formal prison.

Another National Guard, Jamal Moody, was tried separately, but was accused of similar crimes, including purchasing card numbers stolen credit and debit cards with Bitcoin. He pleaded guilty, the statement said, and awaits sentencing.

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Source: coindesk

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