The Music Tech Fest Berlin


From May 27 to 30 in the same month bands, music entrepreneurs and associations linked to blockchain Music Tech Fest in Berlin, in order to ensure how technology can improve the music industry forever will meet.

This initiative will bring together Blockchain many participants, including Grammy winner Imogen Heap, who has been defending this application in the music industry. They will also be present Vinay Gupta Ethereum, a music production platform Pledgemusic founder Benji Rogers and blockchain startups and Ascribe Ujo. Among others.

The event organizer and moderator Peter Harris, who is also founder of the platform streaming music indicates that participants will discuss policies and strategies that servicran for technology applications. Harris also indicated:

“Although we have a number of developers here, is not writing code. It makes no sense to write an application software unless you have really done a thorough analysis of how to use and that will have an impact.”

Harris also noted that developers will be in attendance, the focus of the event is about how inherited members of the music industry, including record labels, collection agencies and publishers tight control over information influence to increase their profits.

The event is aimed at bringing together European officials and industry leaders in the sector, including Samsung, Siemens, Bosch, Philips and Intel.

Image: pixabay

Source: coindesk

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