Multibit is acquired by the company Keepkey


The startup based in United States, KeepKey, purchased by an unknown digit, to multibit wallet, with this the company Keepkey acquires clients in the United Kingdom, software, web sites and other forms of intellectual property to help it in a position in the market.

This acquisition opens up an important question, users of Multibit wallets are aware of such agreement? Moreover, these users are agreeing to a private company check their wallet?

While it is true that private wallet keys are in the hands of users, much skill do not need to understand how a company can benefit itself from the information from wallets of clients, as for example habits of buying, income and monthly expenses, etc.

This without mentioning that the company may start charging commissions masked by the use of the wallet as part of monetization, or incorporate third-part user interfaces within advertising.

The final object of bitcoin was decentralization, the capacity of self-determination of people and avoid reliance on a third person for realize value transactions. However, human nature seems to be against this idea, the primary thought of the human being is to accumulate as much as possible and control to as many as he can.

This makes us think in the hands of who is actually our money, why one day we believe that it is safely away from prying eyes in our encrypted wallet and the next day we woke up with the news that our wallet is not us, but a private company with profit.

All this seems a departure from the path traced by Satoshi, where clearly the idea was to not rely on a third person to use our money. But it is difficult to avoid that a group of developers who created a tool by dint of sweat and tears, may decide to sell their creation to a third part that offers good money, after all they also are human beings.

Source: coindesk

Image: KeepKey

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