Spanish police arrest suspected money laundering through Bitcoin.


Through an arduous investigation by the Spanish authorities could detain 30 suspects money laundering through Bitcoin, they were handled in the distribution of pay TV content. They were seized and destroyed six mines Bitcoin that used for bleaching.
These seizures were made in several cities in Spain, such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Cordoba.

This operation was carried out after an investigation that the tax office of Spain and police conducted to find sites that distributed content distribution paid illegally. Then they laundered their profits by investing in Bitcoin mining centers.

They seized $ 35,000 in BTC, luxury cars and a private jet. Also some 184,000 Euros, about 50,000 decoders used to access TV content. Besides that they consumed large amounts of electricity in order to have running large computer systems.
Europol said the alleged effort to distribute pay television content spread throughout the world, with the participation of China exporters decoder and a network across Europe based servers.

Image: pixabay

Source: coindesk

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