Bitcoin Foundation wants to regain credibility


Bitcoin Foundation is an organization created in 2012 in order to help the diffusion of the bitcoin, through promotion, education technology, as themselves claim through their website.

However, the credibility and the intentions of this organization have been in doubt on many occasions by the community. From financial problems, up to money laundering scandals have tarnished the work of the institution.

The original founders of the Organization are: Gavin Andresen, Charlie Shrem, Mark Karpeles, Peter Vessenes, Roger Ver, and Patrick Murck. Many of these characters have been involved in acts of scandal and even criminal.  Mark Karpeles is known as the founder and CEO of MT. GOX., which is currently serving a sentence in Japan, by modifying the balance sheets of the company, in order to conceal the losses, product of hacks to their servers.

Charlie Shrem, also serving a sentence in United States for money laundering and help to drug trafficking, since it sold more than one million of bitcoins to Silk Road users.

Peter Vessenes, has multiple open cases for money laundering, and is linked to MT. GOX., in the wrongful conversion of more than $5 millions.

Gavin Andresen, until recently was considered the number two of the Bitcoin after Satoshi Nakamoto, however, their participation in Bitcoin Core has been revoked by the other participants of the project because of (among other things) to the support that he gave to Craig Wright, who tries to make it pass as the inventor of the Bitcoin.

As you can see, the history of the bitcoin Foundation has been plagued by scandals, and in 2015 were nearly filing for bankruptcy because of the amount of money they “needed” to operate, the figure that according to its Board of directors were each month spending was $150.000,000. Patrick Murck requested in its opportunity to travel expenses refund of $12,000 to attend a DevCore in London.

Recently it filter an email sent by the executive director of the Foundation Bitcoin, Bruce Fenton, in which invited several members of Bitcoin Core to take part of the Board of Directors of the Foundation. However, the community has reacted with skepticism and derision on the attempt of the bitcoin Foundation for clean up its tainted image, many argue that there are another organizations with the best intentions and with greater transparency which are working in favor of promoting the bitcoin.

Source: coindesk

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