NASDAQ announced a service that allows solar power generators to sell their certificates through Blockchain, these power panels are connected to the internet with technology provided by Filament, a startup based in Nevada. These certificates could be sold to anyone who wants to own the service of solar power.

Alexander Zinder, senior director of development of global software for Nsadaq indicated: “solar panel is actually wired in the IoT device through a converter that allows us to measure the power that is coming out and is occurring in the network.”

The usefulness of blockchain in the areas of energy has already been demonstrated, and increasingly gains more ground, at the beginning of the month of May in New York was held a demonstration which allowed a resident of Brooklyn could generate solar power and sell a certificate of that energy to its neighbor.

In Vienna, Grid Singularity is following a similar model using applications blockchain. In the consensus Conference of 2016 blockchain CoinDesk earlier this month, the Australian startup Sun Exchange was finalist of the contest of startuds for its platform, which lets investors support new small scale solar power projects and receive monthly dividends.

Decentralized energy systems may be more resistant than a centralized before natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, allowing that people can count on a local micro grid when the major infrastructures fail.

This project could be on the market very soon.

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