Galicia already has its first Bitcoin ATM

atmIn Spain specifically in La Coruna, Galicia, the first ATM of this city was installed in Marineda City Shopping Center which is the largest in the country and the third in Europe. The ATM was installed on Wednesday 27 April by the company Bitcoin ATMs Exchange.

Currently, the company has 17 operating terminals in the country, and five being installed like the ATM of Corunna and four other machines that the company will install in Catalonia, Valencian and Murcia community, in the next weeks.

Nestor Pavon, Bitcoin ATMs Exchange Carrier said he chose this location for the influx and visibility offered by this commercial center (due to its large size and recognition in the country), as well as the greater time flexibility that gives more facilities for users to approach for their transactions. It should be noted that not all stores accept this cryptocurrency, but it would be a big step for business leaders if they could lean toward it through the observation and study.

Operation is simple: to buy bitcoins will need to enter euro notes; the machine processes and converts virtual currency depending on the exchange rate prevailing at that time which will be entered into the user’s account. This can also opt for reverse operation: empty your electronic purse and withdraw euro cash. All with a maximum of one thousand euros per day, which is the limit set by the Bank of Spain, and with commissions of 6% for the buying of bitcoins and 4% for sales, although these margins will be revised in the future depending on the volume of transactions that record the cashier.

Pavon reviewing the cryptocurrency said to La Voz de Galicia that it is: Anonymous. You cannot foreclose. The intervention of a third party is not required for a collection or payment national or international, it may be broken and it is very difficult to counterfeit because of its cryptographic complexity and relocation.”

It is clear that Bitcoin ATMs Exchange seeks to establish itself as ATMs Installation Company in the country and in turn, promote the use of Bitcoin in different commercial points of Spain, collaborating with the growth and impact that has had the cryptocurrency with the passage of time and facilitating the availability and acquisition of the means through the public sectors of Spain.

Sources: La Voz de GaliciaEl ideal Gallego

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