Fall of Bitcoin in more than $ 20.

btc baja

The Bitcoin price index indicated that this cryptocurrency has fallen by more than $ 20. This was trading at $ 470 but under a precipitously to $ 435 in less than 24 hours. This could recover up to $ 448.44. According to list prices as high Coindesk lowest price of $ 435 and could reach $ 448.51 is for today is estimated.

The sale of Bitcoin to $ 470 was notable among its users before the fall, Some experts indicated that the next price could reach $ 470 and could motivate traders to negotiate their criptomonedas, for now there is speculation that sales will pause and resume as you go up the value of BTC.

Earlier this week the Bitcoin increase strongly, trading at more than $ 470, this has not been the highest price had in recent times since in December 2015 could reach $ 490, the highest figure for that year. But in the previous year, 2014, could reach $ 500.

Image: pixabay

Source: coindesk

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