CoolWallet – Cold and newest wallet.


An offline wallet, also known as Cold Wallet or cold storage, offers the highest level of security for your savings at BTC. This system is to keep the wallet in a safe place that is not connected to the Internet. When is done correctly, this system offers very good protection against vulnerabilities. Several companies offer this service through specially designed hardware devices to do it. In this article we will discuss the proposal of CoolbitX.

CoolWallet is a hardware portfolio in form of a credit card, with a display screen. It connects with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. It keeps private security of-line keys and allows you to make transfers of Bitcoin easily.

Every day the use of Bitcoin becomes more and more frequent, that’s why physical Bitcoin portfolios and cold so do. With the use of this type of wallets lots of crypto-currency can be stored in a device with a minimum chance of theft.

In an interview conducted by the web site Cointelegraph to the director of the company that developed the product, Shannon Yeh, he explains the main difference of the CoolWallet with regard to other cold wallets.

Shannon Yeh is a member of the team of security specialists, engineers and professionals in the design of CoolbitX from 2012.

According to Shannon, CoolWallet is the first physical wireless wallet that can be used by smartphones to manage Bitcoin transactions. Other hardware portfolios require a computer and / or a wire of some sort. CoolWallet is designed mainly for convenience. It has been designed to be stable for a minimum of two years, which simply means that the battery is designed to work optimally for two years and it may not work perfectly after elapsed this time, but can still be effective.

How to make a transaction with CoolWallet?

1. Scan a QR code ordescarga paste an address by application CoolWallet

2. Shake 2 times the CoolWallet and press the button (optional) to authorize the transaction.


3. Transaction complete.

It is recommended have the seed of backup in writing and keep it in a safe place. In the case of loss or damage of the CoolWallet or phone is that linked, you can recover and restore the bitcoin with another compatible portfolio or simply have another CoolWallet to restore.

The interested people can search in the Github app.

Source: Cointelegraph.

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