Rabobank is interested in Blockchain and joins NexusLab

The financial institution located in the Netherlands, Rabobank, which it’s based on offering services of investment banking, understanding the classes of actives related to international clients and institutional currencies, announced on Monday the union with the boot program blockchain NexusLab, which runs since November 2015 through Nexus Squared thanks to Fintech platform based in Zurich, in collaboration with Startupbootcamp FinTech.


Harry Vollaard, Director of Innovation at Rabobank: “Rabobank has been experimenting with blockchain technology for quite some time. We currently have four spearheads where we want to apply this technology:  international payments, micro-transactions for the Internet of Things, smart contracts, and conditional payments. By partnering with Nexus Lab we can deepen our understanding of this technology. It also offers us the opportunity to work directly with the chain block of new companies and connect to our own projects. This combination will accelerate the realization of our priorities.”

This union will allow Rabobank to collaborate with companies in blockchain related projects, and determine whether there may be any other future association on the horizon.

For its part, the Director of Nexus Lab, Daniel Singer said in a statement: “We are delighted that Rabobank has become our partner in our program startup. The participation of a major bank shows that Switzerland can play a central role in the development of European block chain ecosystem. Along with Rabobank, Startupbootcamp and our IT partner Swiss Q they are launching a new program in European companies of chain block can transform their ideas into viable businesses.”

This news shows the support of a major European bank and continues to give rise to the “blockchain revolution” which it is studied and used by large businesses to improve their function. The support of banks continues to contribute to the growth of Blockchain and Fintech, that increasingly they are joining on the way to evolve and achieve comprehensive development for businesses and financial institutions.

Sources: Rabobankeconotimes

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