DARPA is interested in developing a messaging platform based on Blockchain.


A recent announcement by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has revealed that he is looking for a company that will help you in the development of a secure messaging app trough the blockchain with the Department of Defense (DoD).

“The DoD requires a secure messaging system that can provide repudiation or deniability, perfect forward and backward secrecy, time to live/self delete for messages, one time eyes only messages, a decentralized infrastructure to be resilient to cyber-attacks, and ease of use for individuals in less than ideal situations.”

The request came through the Department of defense in the Small Business Innovation Research program, which aims to find new technologies from smaller providers.

According to the announcement, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is dividing the application into three phases. The first phase is the experimental, where decentralized models will be created and will be tested schemes and encryption protocols.

Phase two will see a working prototype, after development and various tests. Finally, the third phase will focus on marketing and implementation of the platform to “full” scale.

DARPA says that the messaging platform to transfer messages through a secure decentralized protocol, multiple channels, such as the transport protocol; with capacity for encryption of messages through multiple application protocols, custom Blockchain application for deconstruction and reconstruction of the messages, and the implementation of decentralized accounting book.

In short, the reason why DARPA wants to implement the technology in the development of its platform blockchain is because the digital book distributed under the Blockchain confirms all transactions, in case of problems with the direct communication of the Blockchain literally distributes the message securely, through all its nodes, allowing even the soldiers in difficult situations to have the ability to communicate with the chain of command as well as providing a more secure way of managing documents and important information in the DoD.

“With this messaging platform the business logic of the DoD ecosystem would be mapped onto a network of known entities using distributed ledgers. By doing this significant portions of the DoD backoffice infrastructure can be decentralized, ‘smart documents and contracts’ can be instantly and securely sent and received thereby reducing exposure to hackers and reducing needless delays in DoD backoffice correspondence”, DARPA explained.

The decision by DARPA to pursue a totally secure messaging through the Blockchain platform occurs at a time when the Government of the United States, and their enforcement agencies to enforce the law, are arguing against messaging platforms ciphers, starting from the legislation in the Senate and through cases as the FBI against Apple, Inc. which makes it an opportune moment, that Governments around the world can appreciate the technology behind the bitcoin instead of condemning it.

There’s not yet shown a date limit for companies interested in applying to participate in the program, but it is assumed that the time for applications would be limited.

 Sources: econotimessiliconangle.

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