Official: “Bitcoin” brand is registered in Russia.


The competent authorities of Russia, specifically, Rospatent (Russian Patent Agency) have allowed the entrepreneur and enthusiast of cryptocurrency Alex Fork to register the mark “Bitcoin” under the international classification of Goods and Services (Nice), which covers the financial services sector.

Fork told the newspaper digital Izvestia that “the commercial use of this mark is not provided”, that is to say, no plans to commercially use (non-profit company) and its intention behind all this is to protect the abuse of others, avoiding the possible monopolization of the brand so that people do not obtain income through the community of this cryptocurrency.

So this way, Russia became the first country to have the “Bitcoin” mark registered (which is valid until December 30, 2023), and Fork seeks to ensure that companies can confidently use this method for financial transactions and thereby get the number of users in this community continues to grow steadily. Gesture of goodwill goes towards the development of the industry.

For those who don’t know about Alex Fork, who is now being a known personality in the circle of cryptocurrencies, is a member of the Bitcoin community. He is currently the leader and founder of Future Fintech, a Fintech accelerator program. He is also the founder of, a group whose mission is to study and evaluate new technologies related to blockchain and yet is the author of the first book concerning to the Bitcoin technology.

It is noteworthy that other companies try to register the BitCoin mark such as M-Group and LLC Intelprom related to the owner of Master-Bank Boris but the application was withdrawn by the applicant after these failed attempts, the Rospatent decided to approve the request for Fork.

Bitcoin – is rapidly gaining popularity of digital currency, it is becoming the most sought by the banking and financial sector, continues to grow in its goal of being used by most countries. It has been developed so that also has been expanding its use across continents, news like this demonstrates the interest of entrepreneurs for this digital currency and its intention to enact their growth and publicize the effectiveness and confidence you have to use it.

Source: newsbtc

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