Wage payments in Bitcoin for European employees.


Bitwage company offers its services to employees of the European Union so that they receive up to 100% of their salary in cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin .

Bitwage is chaired by Jonathan Chester platform that is aimed at companies wishing to make payments in bitcoin to their employees and make the transfer process be faster and safer and make the payroll is traceable to contractors and employees.

This system was employed for the first time in the United States, obtaining great success, it is why this platform wants to expand into Europe, where employers can send the full payment to the wallet employee and thus can reduce costs or save money that is wasted by certain banking transactions, interest or commissions .

In addition to national currencies, the fund deposited in the portfolio employee could be converted into gold, silver or Bitcoins. The platform also provides a prepaid debit card in euros.

This type of transaction is compatible with any existing payroll systems , such as Intuit , ADP, Bill.com , Gusto, TriNet and independent markets as Upwork , users can track their payments , to know when payments are made ​​and where they are during transmission .

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Source: bitwagenews.bitcoin

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