Chip-Chap is a tool that lets users convert different payment methods easily, quickly and safely in Spain, France, England and Mexico. This time expands its network to Greece with more than 500 ATMs EasyPay, which from now on will allow the purchase of Bitcoin. Offering financial solutions to individuals and companies using advanced technology, this translates into cost savings and a range of new possibilities available to users of Bitcoin.

Through a very simple process you can buying bitcoin in a very short time will be in your wallet. To use this application (is available for Android) you must download in the PlayStore, then installed this app, you must choose the option EasyPay Bitcoin, choose the amount you want to buy, put the management of the portfolio where you want to receive the Bitcoins, collect money deposit option ATM, annotate reference and account number to deposit the money and in a few minutes your Bitcoins are in your portfolio ready for disposal.

This process can be performed at any ATM EasyPay Piraeus Bank which has a wide network in Greece. Within the same bank, in Vodafone stores, supermarkets Sklavenitis, Germanos shops and many other points.

Image: pixabay

Source: bitcoinistchip-chap

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