Bitcoin under Threat in Venezuela


News about the capture and dismantling of a bitcoin mine in Venezuela show up in the portal news “”, the news can be read in the next link: Watch news. The original notice it was released by the diary “el Carabobeño” in digital version, which it’s a Venezuelan daily press, there indicated that 2 persons was detained by “electronics illicit”. All the stir was cause when the national electric service personal registered high levels of consume at the zone where was operated the bitcoin mine. After realize the correspondent inspection, they found what they called a “servers machine type” that was systematically installed in the operated site of the company, that’s because they proceed to emit an alert about “illicit” activity to the Bolivarian Service of Intelligence (SEBIN).

Meanwhile, José Melendez, SEBIN commissar of Carabobo, coordinated an operative for capture and apprehension of the 2 involucrate individuals in the issue, which was declared by the daily press “el Carabobeño” at its note.

Functionaries argue that “the digital coin it’s not supported by any bank institution and neither been approved by any country”, Melendez indicated that “the coin it’s commercializing with a legal appearance but in essence is an undercover operation. Different websites use this currency but at the cost of parallel dollar”.

Previous statements show up the total ignorance of what Bitcoin means. The fact that could be commit crimes through the improper use of the crypto-currency, doesn’t make it illegal, just like the fact of other fiat currency, like the Bolivar, the Dollar, or the Euro for commit crimes doesn’t convert it in illegals.

While it’s true that many people can commit crimes using bitcoin, this situation is far from what can be seen as a crime; in the press release they indicate that people had no import documents miners, but is this reason enough to arrest them? And the main reason of the break-in was the fact that high levels of electricity consumption were detected, where as in other circumstances would result in a fine. But, why the SEBIN proceeds without apparent order of a judge to the break-in and seizure of equipment? And not only this, but also annexing the apprehension of 2 people.

According to the discussion in the news, “alleged” capital legitimation, smuggling and racketeering charges and exchange fraud is alleged. While it’s possible that these people had bitcoin mining equipment, this doesn’t imply the capital legitimation or smuggling or any other charges that are imputing to these people.

One of the questions that are generated with this fact is if the SEBIN proceeded properly, well apparently and seemingly arbitrary took action without making use of the regular roads. Is there any warrant for the seizure of the equipment and the initiation of an investigation? How is it possible to be apprehending two Venezuelan citizens only on alleged suspicion of committing a criminal act? How is it that we allow our country’s authorities to use their positions to attack its citizens?

It is necessary to take action, because what is going on around this news has direct effects on the bitcoin community, not only in Venezuela but in all Latin America, we can’t allow arbitrary acts like this, to bury the efforts of an entire community, is sensible the unification of forces and the cooperation of all to avoid that unjustified accusations and charges borne by the users of the crypto-currency , either out of ignorance of its operation or by greed for the powers in trying to take advantage of this, but certainly how bitcoin users and other crypto-currencies react to this news will be a precedent for the entire community.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views, and should not be attributed to, Infocoin.

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