News that strengthen the Bitcoin February 2016

every time get stronger

Tunisia is going to become the world’s first country to operate its national currency via blockchain

Tunisia is going to become the world’s first country to operate its national currency via blockchain. The blockchain in question, however, is an advanced version of the bitcoin’s one developed by Monetas. With population of about 11 million, Tunisia has more than 3 million people unbanked. However, 600,000 of them using eDinar, a digital version of the national currency via La Post Tunisienne (The Tunisian Post), a state-owned public company being the only non-baking entity entitled to collect savings. In Tunisia, Monetas operates alongside with the Post, and local startup dubbed DigitUs. The existing 600,000 eDinar users will have their accounts and services transferred to the new technology as soon as due diligence is complete.

China: NPLs increased 51% in the last 12 months

In China the “bad loans” and “subprime loans” (a type of list of loans that may become delinquent). In total, between the two concepts totaling 4.2 trillion yuan or about 645,000 million, equivalent to 5.46% of total loans. The amount of non-performing loans increased by 51% over the last twelve months, adding up to 1.27 trillion yen (about 195.035 million US dollars), the highest level since June 2006. The Chinese mora will look like we have seen in Spanish Savings banks in crisis. These, together with the figures are probably inflated on the growth of China (which may grow to 3% instead of 6.5% that ensures China).

Venezuela inflation of 180.9% and a setback in GDP of 5.7% in 2015

Venezuela in 2015 record inflation in prices by 180.9% thus being one of the largest in the world, and a setback in GDP of 5.7%, this being the second year in fall, reported this Thursday Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV). These data were released a day after Nicolas Maduro current president of Venezuela announced an increase of over 6,000% in gasoline prices, which were frozen for 20 years, and a devaluation of 37% of the bolivar while maintaining the system of exchange control. Inflation for the third consecutive year shows up, this was 20.1% in 2012 from 56.2% in 2013 and 68.5% in 2014.

 Janet Yellen said that does not rule out the idea of ​​negative interest rates

Janet Yellen, who is the chairman of the Federal Reserve (Fed) US, communicate on Thursday February 11 in the US Congress that does not eliminate the idea of ​​applying for negative interest rates if the economy falls, but made it clear that for the moment the plan is to continue monetary tightening. In recent months, central banks in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan and the euro area have decided to use negative interest rates in order to stimulate the economy. Central banks are charging interest to private banks who deposit funds in this, rather than what they were accustomed, private entities that receive money to leave there part of their reserves.

Deutsche Bank adds close losses in the last six months 57%

The roles of the largest German bank is Deutsche Bank, has suffered a fall in the stock market since early this year at 39.5% of its value, and for six months by 56.6%. Only between last Tuesday and Wednesday, its shares were down 15%, forcing the president of the board of the bank, John Cryan, to give a public statement in which he informed that the entity is in an “absolutely solid” credit standing. The financial press in Europe is comparing the situation of the Deutsche Bank with the fall of Lehman Brothers.

The Central Bank of Sweden further lower interest rates

This month the Central Bank of Sweden low interest rates to a more (-0.5%) with a drop of 15 basis points, which has raised fears that central banks will continue to take increasingly drastic measures to deal the disadvantage of low inflation. The Central Bank of Sweden has openly expressed its intention to maintain its weak currency in the middle of the war being waged world governments to devalue their currencies.

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For this type of news, cryptocoins will continue to generate more interest every day!!


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