Tony Robbins: Governments cannot control Bitcoin


Money is the driving force behind life in the world today. Those who disagree and say that money cannot buy everything, it’s time rechecked the ancient psychological theory established by Abraham Maslow. Maslow’s pyramid, also known as Maslow’s hierarchy shows the basic needs of human beings and how they contribute to its realization.

A look at the pyramid is all it takes to realize that without money, there is no way one can meet any of them. The most basic needs – food, clothing and shelter are not free and play an important part in the lives of all of us, monetary systems and have become the backbone of human civilization. All monetary systems established are controlled by governments and central banks. This means that governments and banks have something to say about what can and cannot do with your life – just decide when to turn on / off the tap (cash flow).

Governments are not gods and are prone to bad decisions that result from greed, neglect, lack of understanding, monitoring or unforeseen circumstances that can be very expensive for us guys. At the same time, you can also target people by controlling their finances (tracking expenses, freezing bank, accounts etc.). And in order to prevent it from being easily manipulated, people also must begin to use alternative financial systems that are not directly connected with the country’s banking and monetary system. Even Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker and well known personal finance instructor also agree with that. There are currently two ways to invest and safeguard the funds of one. These alternatives to conventional systems are monetary gold and Bitcoin. People have been investing in gold for long. To go back in history, gold itself used to be a replacement trustee. Even though gold is a stable precious metal, it is still vulnerable to the influence of governments and central banks. There have been cases in history where governments have exercised control over the gold by forcing individuals to drop their gold during times of depression.

When it comes to choose between gold and Bitcoin, the Bitcoin is the ideal place to invest money and save money or to trade and investment multiply option.

The Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that cuts intermediaries such as banks and other financial institutions when it comes to operations and maintenance of the financial network. The miners, who are individuals or companies around the world contribute collectively to process transactions and maintain the network. They also act as trusted third party, without worrying about your personal information. By ensuring virtually, no involvement of banks or government interference in the operations and transactions through the network of Bitcoin, completely isolating the government’s influence and the control over personal finances of an individual.

Tony Robbins in Bitcoin

Tony Robbins has a blog where readers are introduced to the financial competence … He understands and also educates people about the differences between Bitcoin and other currencies. In the end, Tony Robbins also mentioned that governments cannot devalue the Bitcoin and can be used anywhere in the world in the same way. Bitcoins (accounts or portfolios) cannot be frozen by the governing bodies. However, governments can still introduce regulations to control Bitcoin exchanges and third-party platforms that offer services based on Bitcoin. We can say that the Bitcoin is the future of the economy. Governments and central banks are already considering how to implement the technology in conventional monetary systems to iron out some of the inherent flaws. The Bitcoin has paved the way around and the update of the banking and financial sector worldwide.

Source: Gautham

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