Argentina it’s the bigger Bitcoin consumer in Latin-America


That was said in an interview by the diary “La Nación” of Argentina to Joan Cwaik, technologist, who said that Argentina it’s the bigger Bitcoin consumer in Latin-America. The announcer of disruptive technologies and entrepreneur explained that new digital currency it’s safer than paper money. Affirmations like this are based in a whole gamma of knowledge that has acquired thanks to his efficiency as a technologist, speaker, university teacher and marketing manager for Maytronics Company.

Cwaik, says that the bitcoin emerges like a safe way for make commercial exchange with any offerer of a product or service located anywhere in the world, at this transactions operate both parts that can negotiate without an intermediary, that is, a bank.

Otherwise, at this interview it is perceived that so many persons has lost hope at banks, which let them to take alternatives instead of traditional currencies, taking refuge in transactions through the bitcoin.

The bitcoin counts with an open accounting system (block chain), that can be consulted by any person in the world. The bitcoin can’t be controlled by any state; its emission is not conditioned by the government politics of a nation.

What it happens with any currency of a country, is that if a state needs to pay or invest in projects, are into debt, with public debt bonds or request loans to the IMF which requires the application of economic packages to the nation.

In the case of the bitcoin, there is only a way to issue even more electronic currencies, and is through the mining of the bitcoin. This process allows you to generate a finite currency amount, making the bitcoin a scarce and limited resource like gold. Therefore its price will increase over time, contrary to fiat currencies, which lose their value over time.

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