Bitcoin: Venezuelan Case


It’s amazing when we enter the possible world to purchase a good or service we need, we are able to compare the national or international market in the first place if, for example, need to buy a computer, in the domestic market, the Venezuelan is extremely expensive, impossible to acquire, if a contribution is requested from a domestic supplier, the answer is that this market is not offering and therefore selling these products, if instead we went to a physical store, answer is that there is no existence for the time then to do, because our need is to generate wealth with the tool, as indispensable as it is an updated computer to a programmer, there are currently no correct answers we invade uncertainty and restlessness seizes our being, at times we leave things of that size, that is to give up and die trying.

But we have another opportunity to get in the international market, pay in the currency of transaction must as is the dollar, the surprise may be a more traumatic, you need to ask dollars to the Venezuelan State, it is necessary to have a card credit a bank account in a bank in the state, if all this is true, keep trying, then comes the following, if the value of the item exceeds the permitted in the permitted electronic procurement quota and we can dismiss the idea purchasing the item as it is the computer, which means that we can be cornered by trying to generate wealth for our good and for the family, this is a worthy crossroads be resolved after investigation we can do, we learned that there is opportunity to acquire it at a fair price if we can make a deal in bitcoin, researching online, with people who know the safe way, we reach the viable solution to do so in this way, this is a new experience that can be shared with people they need to buy goods needed to follow a lifestyle in harmony and stress, I recommend you to study this new possibility, to keep trying to build wealth by persistent work.

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