Bitcoins used to launder 20 million euros


Telegraaf, the Diary of Amsterdam (Netherlands) said that a total of ten twenty-years-old group with Dutch nationality have been arrested for an alleged scam with virtual currencies. Those arrested by the authorities would have used the bitcoin digital currency whitening up to 20 million euros of money from selling drugs online. In a statement prosecutors say that agents have seized luxury cars, cash, bank accounts and other assets abroad as an unspecified amount of bitcoins in cooperation with authorities in the United States, Australia, Lithuania and Morocco.

The Bitcoin is the preferred means of payment at these sites because it can be transferred quickly between users of any country without using a bank and making it difficult to trace.

According Hoen, a judge in Rotterdam on Friday will decide about the detention of detainees. The spokesman also indicated that drug dealers were the subject of an investigation of the drug unit of the country and in the records on Tuesday; 15 kilograms of chemical precursors were found to manufacture ecstasy. “Telegraaf”, which was invited to witness the records with the participation of 250 police officers, has released men were arrested thanks to big money is often deposited in their accounts and then were quickly withdrawn cash at ATMs automatic.

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